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What our partners say about CloudRx.
CloudRx works with a wide range of private doctors and clinical systems providers. They have seen first-hand how our digital platform not only helps them significantly improve the prescription service they provide, but also improve the overall patient journey.
Our partners
Newson Health

Dr Louise Newson

Newson Health, Stratford Upon Avon

“We were struggling to keep up with the admin side of the prescriptions, not to mention storage for medication to cope with a huge increase in prescriptions. CloudRx immediately took away the strain. Since our partnership we have grown by over 200% in size. We could not have done that without their support. It has allowed for seamless scalability..."

Dr Louise Newson
Barny Guthrie
Clinical Partners

Barny Guthrie, CEO

Clinical Partners, Nationwide

"CloudRx offers significant benefits to our specialist clinicians and their patients alike. Our clinicians benefit from convenient, integrated electronic prescribing to CloudRx from Semble which makes prescribing very convenient. Their patients benefit from the reliable, professional supply of their prescribed medicines anywhere in the UK. The patient support offered by CloudRx in providing these pharmacy services is exemplary especially when there is so much difficulty within the supply chain.”


Prof. David Kerrigan, SemaPen Founder and Bariatric Expert

Semapen, Digital Weight Loss Programme

“After we were introduced to CloudRx, it became quickly apparent that we have closely aligned values around a long-term focus on the provision of the highest quality professional services in our respective fields. We are delighted with the strategic partnership that we are building based on that. We receive an unbelievably responsive service from the CloudRx team, for whom nothing seems like too much to ask."

David Kerrigan
Bob Bond

Bob Bond, CEO

WriteUpp, Chester

“The advantage of our partnership with CloudRx is that it offers a completely end to end solution. The easy prescribing from within WriteUpp is all within the patient record and the medicines are quickly and professionally dispatched to the patient. It’s nice and easy for both the prescriber and the patient."


Caroline Corrigan

MidexPRO, Swindon

"With the ongoing restrictions CloudRx has come into its own, providing much more convenience and keeping patients safe in their homes. But for us as a provider it’s always been about delivering something for our clients that will benefit them and their patients at all times...”

Caroline Corrigan

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