How It Works

Step 1: Once Only Registration and Prescriber Verification

To get started, you need to register with CloudRx as a Prescriber. You can also tell us about other non-prescribing people you work with that you would also like to have access. We will check your credentials as a prescriber and then provide you with access to the CloudRx online prescribing system.

Step 2: Prescription Creation and Authorisation

Once registered, you can create fully electronic, digitally signed prescriptions for your patients. No paper or faxes are required. Prescription creation can be done by Prescriber and non-prescribers. To complete the prescription, it must be authorised by a Prescriber. Only verified Prescribers can authorise and complete a prescription.

Step 3: Patient Payment

The patient will be contacted by the Pharmacy for payment for the prescription on their secure online payment platform. The prescription will not be dispensed until the patient has paid.

If preferred, we can set up your account to invoice dispensed medicines costs to the prescriber or clinic. If you prefer this approach please contact us and we will change your account to invoice only.

Step 4: Pharmacy Dispense and Deliver

Once paid for, the prescription will be checked by a pharmacist, and then dispensed and dispatched to the patients delivery address. Most prescriptions will be dispatched the same day payment is received.

Step 5: Prescriber Fees

If you wish a Prescriber Fee to be charged to the patient on your behalf, we will happily support this. Payments to the Prescriber are made on a monthly basis by secure online BACS transfer and reports are provided to support the payments made.