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The new digital prescribing platform that's free to use for all private prescribers including GPs, Consultants, Pharmacists, Dentists and Nurse Prescribers.

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And it’s easy to get started – you can register and prescribe quickly and easily right here or connect via our advanced pharmacy API.

The ability to order prescriptions at the touch of a button not only has the power to transform how you work, it supports the growth in remote consultations and adds a whole new level of ease and convenience to your patients’ experience too.

CloudRx opens up a whole world of sophisticated prescribing capabilities for private clinicians. By taking care of the prescribing, payment and delivery of medicines direct to your patients - wherever in the country they may be – it’s a quicker, more convenient way for them to get the medication they need.

Transform your practice today

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Simple, convenient and secure

Register and prescribe quickly and easily for everything you need to deliver maximum convenience for you and your patients.



Our open and accessible pharmacy API enables fast, frictionless integration with healthcare brands & private practice clinical software such as MidexPRO, eClinic, Heydoc and YouClinic.



Real life accounts of how working with CloudRx has not only transformed the way our partners work – but their patient journeys too.

Dr Louise Newson

What our partners say about CloudRx

"We were struggling to keep up with the admin side of the prescriptions, not to mention storage for medication to cope with a huge increase in prescriptions. CloudRx immediately took away the strain. Since our partnership we have grown by approximately 50% in size. We could not have done that without their support. It has allowed for seamless scalability."

Dr Louise Newson

Newson Health, Stratford Upon Avon

Transform your practice today

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