Introducing the new digital prescribing platform for private GPs and Consultants.

CloudRx is a digital prescription system that allows you to create and send an electronic prescription to our pharmacy for delivery direct to your patient.

  • Simple and quick prescription creation
  • Legal, ethical and paperless prescriptions
  • Allows secretaries to prepare repeat script without contacting you in seconds
  • No follow-up hard copy scripts and trips to the post box
  • Dispensed and dispatched to patients door the same day payment is received from the patient
  • Potential huge cost saving to your patients
  • Prescriber Fees can be charged to the patient on your behalf as an option
  • Professional reliable and experienced service

create a prescription

  • simple easy to use prescription entry website
  • create a prescription in less than 30 seconds!
  • fast medication search from our proprietary database
  • secure data entry via an encrypted website
  • retrieve patient details securely for regular patients
  • mobile and tablet friendly website allows you to create a prescription on the go!

patient makes payment

  • payment details are entered over a secure connection
  • no payment details are stored – ever!
  • all data is transferred using a high encryption algorithm
  • patient will be informed real time if payment fails
  • patient can pay using their mobile, tablet or PC
  • your patient makes payment when convenient to them
  • your account can be set up to invoice dispensed medicines costs to the prescriber or clinic only. Contact us if this is your preferred option.

prescription is delivered

  • patients choose from a selection of services that suits them
  • delivery tracking is available to you and your patients
  • patients can add multiple delivery addresses for convenience
  • dispatch confirmations are sent to keep patients informed
  • prescriptions are dispensed and dispatched same day!

management reporting

  • real time data available 24/7
  • customisable reports available on request
  • reports viewable on your mobile, tablet or PC
  • track the status of prescriptions you have prescribed
  • view delivery tracking information with in your portal