About Us

CloudRx has been designed by Pharmacists who identified a number of practical difficulties for GPs and Consultants when it came to creating private prescriptions. Even in today’s digital age, many private doctors prescribe using basic systems and often paper. This can be both inefficient for the prescriber and inconvenient for the patient.

The CloudRx software allows the creation and instant transmission of a legally valid electronic prescription to our pharmacy based in Leeds. All prescriptions are dispensed and despatched by an established and fully registered Pharmacy with a strong team of trained technicians all under the control of a senior and experienced Pharmacist.

Within the pharmacy there is a dispatch department whose sole aim is to ensure prescription medicines are packed professionally and securely sealed in plain custom made boxes in time for our daily collection by Royal Mail. If a fridge item is required, specialist packaging will be used to ensure the item remains at the required temperature during transit to the patient.