Why CloudRx?

Convenient prescribing, payment and delivery of medicines

CloudRx is a new service designed with the Doctor in mind.

The creation of prescriptions and getting them to patients can be time consuming for private doctors and consultants. Having prescriptions dispensed can be inconvenient for patients.

CloudRx allows the rapid creation of a legally valid, digitally signed private prescription from your desk top or mobile phone. The prescription is immediately sent to our Dispensary and prepared. We will request payment for the medicines from the patient, and providing payment is received before 4pm Monday to Friday, it will be dispatched and arrive at the patients door the following day before 1pm. There is no paper prescription or signed prescription required.

Optional Prescriber Fees

CloudRx also allows the prescriber, if they wish, to add a prescriber’s fee to the price to be paid by the patient.

This facilitates and protects the doctor’s ability to be paid for their creation of a private prescription.

Convenient and professional services for your patients

Don’t forget, by using CloudRx you are offering convenient payment, professional pharmacy services and fast and flexible home delivery of the medicine to the patients chosen delivery address.

In addition, as we are focussed on the medicines that are commonly prescribed privately, the prices charged to the patient are often lower than those offered by the high street.