Pharmacy API

If you are a healthcare brand, for example a clinic, clinical system or an online doctor platform, and would like to benefit from our direct-to-patient prescription process then integrating with our Pharmacy API may be the answer.
Pharmacy API
What is an API?

What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface, a piece of software that allows two different applications to talk to each other. We believe that having an open and accessible pharmacy API is not only key to transforming the way our clinical partners fulfil their prescriptions, but also a way for them to deliver an even higher level of service for their patients.

The CloudRx API

The CloudRx API

The CloudRx API is a RESTful JSON based API that will allow you to directly access our pharmacy system to submit prescriptions, request repeat prescriptions, create patient records, check payment details, arrange delivery of medication direct to your patients and track the status of your prescriptions.

CloudRx takes the security and confidentiality of patient data very seriously. We are compliant with GDPR and all necessary legislation, ensuring the integrity of your data from the moment you initiate an API request, to the moment your patients receive their medication from us.

Integration and Functions

The CloudRx API currently supports five key functions that make writing and managing your prescriptions quicker and easier than ever.

In order to access the CloudRx API, you will need to be provided with log-in credentials. On successful authentication, the API system will generate a token which will be valid for one hour. This will be sent as string in the response and will need to be passed through in the Authentication header as a Bearer Token.
The system will require mandatory information on: the patient, their home address, the delivery address, the prescription and payment, the items prescribed and the prescribing doctor.

Depending on whether your clinic is already registered with the CloudRx API, there are two ways to create a prescription. If you are already registered with the CloudRx system, quickly and easily create a prescription for your patient

Alternatively, register your Clinic and create a prescription for your patient in a single transaction. This API call should be used by Clinic System Suppliers who are sending scripts on behalf of Clinics.
Our API enables you to access prescription status updates from the CloudRx system. You can check the status of single prescriptions via Tracking ID, Dispatch Date, Pharmacy Order Number or Clinic Order Number. Alternatively, you can track all of your prescriptions across a date range of up to three days.
The CloudRx API enables you to search for products on our system and check their availability. If a product you wish to dispense does not appear on our list, please contact [email protected] and will look at adding this product for you.
The API allows you to check product prices and also supports pricing for multiple packs. It enables you to see the price will be charged for each medicine and for a specified number of packs.

For more information on how integrating with the CloudRx API can transform the way you create prescriptions, email us at [email protected].

To get started, register here or contact us for more information.