Regulatory Information

The Digital Prescription

CloudRx's online prescribing system allows prescribers to conveniently and securely dispense digitally signed prescriptions signed by authenticated prescribers appropriately licensed to practice medicine.

The validity of an electronic communication and signature to create a legal prescription was established in order to facilitate the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, which is now utilised by over 93% of all General Practices and over 99% of all NHS pharmacists. This was achieved by The Medicines for Human Use (Prescribing) Order 2005 . Article 6 substitutes a new Article 15 of the POM Order. Paragraphs 3 and 4 of the new Article substitutes new provisions which provide that a prescription, other than one given by a veterinary surgeon or practitioner, or for a controlled drug specified in Schedule 1, 2 or 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations, does not have to be signed and written in ink if it is created in electronic form and signed with an “advanced electronic signature” and transferred to the person by whom it is dispensed as an electronic communication.

The Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002 Paragraph 2 of the Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002 defines the "advanced electronic signature". It means an electronic signature:

(a) which is uniquely linked to the signatory,
(b) which is capable of identifying the signatory,
(c) which is created using means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control, and
(d) which is linked to the data to which it relates in such a manner that any subsequent change of the data is detectable"

CloudRx's online prescribing system allows for an electronic prescription to be created and signed with an advanced electronic signature. This is achieved through each prescriber being authenticated, and then a unique username and password being securely issued to allow access to the online prescribing system with prescriber rights. This ensures that the electronic signature later created is uniquely linked to the signatory and can identify the signatory.

When the prescriber first logs into the online prescribing system they are forced by the system to create a new password, which is different from that which has been provided to them by the CloudRx administrator. This ensures that the electronic signature is created using means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control. Only the doctor knows their own password. In order to further ensure this it is a contractual term with the Prescriber that they will not share their username or password with anyone else.

The Prescriber reviews prescriptions to be signed within the CloudRx system, and if satisfied that it is appropriate to prescribe, signs the prescription using their unique user name and password. At that time the legal prescription is created and the system date and time stamps the prescription. When the pharmacy accesses the prescription for pharmacy authorisation prior to dispensing, the prescription data can only be accessed if the data matches the same data that was signed by the Prescriber. If the data was altered in any way the pharmacist could not access the prescription to authorise. This technically enabled check ensures that the purpose of paragraph (d) above is fulfilled.

Doctor Authentication

A key aspect of the system is that Prescribers can only access the system and create a prescription if they are previously authenticated as being fully qualified and licensed to practise medicine within the UK. The following controls ensure this is the case:

- The following documentation will be obtained for each Prescriber prior to the provision of Prescriber access to the CloudRx’s online prescribing system:

  • Evidence of registration as a doctor with ongoing permission to practice medicine within the UK in the form of evidence of registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK. The doctors GMC registration number is verified independently with the GMC.
  • Proof of the Prescriber’s identity through a copy of their passport or UK driving license.
  • Copy of the Prescriber’s current professional liability insurance.

- The registration must be verified on at least an annual basis.


CloudRx have their own registered Pharmacy that undertakes all prescription dispensing and delivery based in Leeds. CloudRx operates from a 3200 sq ft footprint, newly refurbished pharmacy. The IT systems operated represent the latest deployments of industry leading solutions to ensure stable and efficient prescription checking and dispensing. The pharmacy is led by our Superintendent Pharmacist, Daniel Lee, who until the summer of 2019 was operating the UKs largest online pharmacy at Pharmacy2U. We have an experienced team of pharmacy technicians and dispensary support staff to support the team.

The pharmacy is fully registered with the GPhC .

Superintendent Pharmacist: Daniel Lee, GPhC: 2039891

Complaints can be made by completing the contact us form here or by emailing the complaints manager at [email protected]

We are always available to Prescribers for any enquiries so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Tel: 0113 531 2942
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Address: 1 Hawthorn Park, Coal Road, Leeds, LS14 1PQ